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The installation of air conditioning units for commercial and industrial businesses can be vital in aiding workforce performance and comfort. We are explaining about the compressor and condenser. Compressor: – This device is powered by an electric motor and sucks the refrigerant vapor that has come from inside the evaporator unit. It then compresses it and pumps it to the condenser unit.
Condenser: – The conversion from a vapor to a liquid can be easily demonstrated by removing a cold object from your refrigerator and placing it on the work surface in your kitchen. Providing the air is reasonably humid, water vapor will condense onto the surface of this cold object; this process is actually condensing water vapor back in to a liquid.
In an air conditioning system, compressing the gas will allow it to be condensed back in to a liquid even at temperatures reaching 500C. Outside air is used as the cooling medium. Outdoor air temperatures in the US may exceed 350C or above in the summer, yet this is still cool enough to condense the refrigerant back to a liquid.
The cooled refrigerant liquid, maintains a high pressure so is passed through a small orifice which lowers its pressure restricting the flow to the indoor unit evaporator where it is boiled off again by absorbing heat from the air passing over it.